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A collaborative approach of modeling and simulation

Modeling and simulation techniques are widely used in industry, particularly for the design of complex systems. Nevertheless, one of the major difficulties that our engineers face is to be able to effectively collaborate between them during the modeling phases.

The systems that are developed most often involve multiple disciplines in engineering: software, mechanics, electrical, telecommunications, ... In modeling and simulation, these disciplines are associated with techniques, software tools and algorithms of different nature which brings our engineers to work in various environments which are not easily to reach by their colleagues of other discipline.

The emergence of standards such as the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) provides elements of interoperability, but what about the point of view of collaboration between teams?

We have therefore worked at T-AirTech with our industrial partners on the design of a collaborative simulation platform based on the FMI standard proposing a set of methods and tools for the exchange and synchronization of your engineering teams in real time.

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