Collaborative Co-Simulation Platform

InSystemLab (ISL) is a collaborative co-simulation platform that promotes interoperability across multiple engineering domains.


InSystemLab has been designed to answer today needs of engineering teams:

  • Promote collaboration across the disciplines

  • Support engineers in their validation and verification process

  • Enable efficient design exploration and optimization

Designed by people with more than 20 years of experience in the domain, the InSystemLab platform offers a high effective and easy-to-use solution for all engineers.


  • Collaboration: A common simulation platform for all engineering disciplines

  • Consistency: Reduces the risk of design conflicts

  • Efficiency: No need to translate models in the verification phase

  • Quality: Proven accuracy of the synchronization algorithms

  • Robustness: Large scale co-simulation


  • Flexibility: Open API and FMI model configuration


  • Connection:

    • Based on the FMI standard version 2.0.

    • Protection of Intellectual Property.​​

    • Only an API, no additional software to start.
    • Available languages: C, C++, .NET, Java, Python, Fortran.

    • On Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Synchronization:

    • Strong coupling capabilities.

    • Adaptive step size and rollback support.

    • Multi-rate co-simulation.

    • Extrapolation algorithms.

  • Configuration:

    • Co-simulation scenarios management.

    • Unlimited number of connected variables.

    • Distribution across multiple computers.

    • Multiple interconnected sessions.

    • Multi-formalism.

  • Platform:

    • Sessions configuration.

    • Sessions control and monitoring​.

    • Live data visualization.

    • Remote session management.

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